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What Keyboard Switches are good For Smooth Gaming?

What Keyboard Switches are good For smooth Gaming?

In the world of gaming, having the right equipment can make all the difference. When it comes to keyboards, choosing the right switches can greatly impact your gaming performance. With a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which keyboard switches are the best for gaming.

Types of Keyboard Switches

  1. Mechanical Switches
    • Linear Switches
    • Tactile Switches
    • Clicky Switches
  2. Membrane Switches
    • Rubber Dome Switches
    • Scissor Switches
    • Butterfly Switches
  3. Hybrid Switches

Mechanical Switches Mechanical switches are widely favored by gamers due to their responsiveness and tactile feedback. They are constructed with individual switches for each key, making them more precise and durable compared to membrane switches. Mechanical switches can be further categorized into linear, tactile, and clicky switches.

Linear Switches Linear switches provide a smooth keystroke without any tactile feedback or audible click. They are ideal for gamers who prefer rapid keystrokes and require quick actuation. Linear switches offer a consistent force throughout the keystroke, allowing for precise movements in games that require rapid input.

Tactile Switches Tactile switches offer a tactile bump when a key is pressed, providing a noticeable feedback to the user. This feedback helps in confirming keystrokes, reducing the chances of accidental presses. Tactile switches strike a balance between the smoothness of linear switches and the audible feedback of clicky switches, making them popular among gamers who value both precision and feedback.

Clicky Switches Clicky switches, as the name suggests, produce an audible click sound when pressed. This click sound can be satisfying for some gamers and provides a clear indication of actuation. Clicky switches offer both tactile and audible feedback, which can be advantageous for gamers who desire a more immersive typing or gaming experience.

Bestseller No. 1
Akko V3 Switch Cream Blue Tactile Keyboard Switches for Mechanical Keyboard, 3 Pin 38gf Key Switches (45pcs)
  • Akko v3 Generation Switches – The long pole stems of Akko v3 generation keyboard switches are designed to bring a solid and better typing experience, making them perfect for anyone who wants to improve their typing speed and accuracy.
  • Cream Blue 38gf Tactile Switch – With the 18mm extension spring and POM/PC/PA materials, these Cream Blue 38gf Tactile Switches offer a smooth and creamy typing experience unlike any other. The long pole stems make for a faster bottom-out feeling,...
  • MX Style Compatibility – Akko CS switches come with an MX style structure, making them compatible with most keycap sets with (X) cross stem. Please note that a switch opener is not included.
  • Built-in LED Slot – Akko CS switches are equipped with LED slot ready for LED Mod/Assembly, and are SMD compatible (LED underneath the switch), giving you the flexibility to create a custom keyboard that stands out from the crowd.
  • Durability and Longevity – With an approximate lifespan of 60 million keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests, Akko v3 Generation Switches are built to last. The package comes with 45 switches and a plastic tray, ensuring your switches stay in...
Bestseller No. 2
EPOMAKER Wisteria 39gf Linear Mechanical Keyboard Switches Set, 5 Pin Factory Lubed 30 Pieces Switch, with POM PTFE Stem, 20.4mm Spring, Compatible with MX Keycaps for Gaming Keyboard DIY
  • 【The Inspiration of EPOMAKER Wisteria Switch】Wisteria is a complicated plant that features bountiful purple blooms in eye-catching cascades. It symbolizes romance in most cultures and also a symbol of good luck, success, and longevity. As a team...
  • 【POM+PTFE Stem, PC+PA66 Housing 】POM, or Polyoxymethylene, is a versatile polymer that is known for extreme resilience and low coefficient of friction. To create a ultra-smooth, scratchless keystroke experience with no additional lube, EPOMAKER...
  • 【Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps】EPOMAKER Wisteria Flower switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the...
  • 【Factory Lubed Switch Set】Coming factory-lubed and special structured, the EPOMAKER Wisteria switch can be self-lubed when being typed, which is especially helpful for maintaining a smooth feeling. The durable stem is credited to a more smooth and...
  • 【Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan】 Equipped with LED slots for modification, the backlight can be shine-through even with PBT housings in the EPOMAKER Wisteria switches. This provides more fun feature and options for DIYers. With a strong single...
Bestseller No. 3
Glorious Panda Switch (Lubed Switches) - 36x Plate Mounted 3 pin Switches for Keyboard - Mechanical Keyboard Switches
  • Precise Switching: Glorious Panda switches for mechanical keyboard have a very precise and clearly noticeable switching point; this makes both typing and playing on a keyboard equipped with this keyboard switch
  • High compatibility: Glorious Gaming Panda Mechanical Switches are three-pole switches, just like Cherry MX and Kalih switches, so the vast majority of sockets is compatible with this mechanical keyboard switch.
  • Key Caps: Thanks to the use of a popular mounting profile such as that of the Cherry MX, this allows seamless adjustment of your key switches keyboard use.
  • High-quality: Glorious has chosen high-quality materials; the top cover of INVYR is made of polycarbonate, the lower cover is made of PA66 nylon, the shaft is made of POM and the spring is made of nickel-plated stainless steel. These are pre lubed...
  • Engineered with the most premium materials sourced from around the world, The feeling of Glorious Pandas could be described as a very snappy and responsive tactile switch. They feature a strong 'bump' at the start of the downstroke with a quick snap back...
Bestseller No. 4
KiiBoom Linear 48gf Emerald Mechanical Keyboard Switch, 5 Pin Keyboard Switch with PC Stem, Translucent PC Housing, 35 Pieces for Gaming DIY Keyboard
  • 【Enjoy Effortless Linear Travel】The KiiBoom Emerald is a linear switch with a moderate operation force of 48g and a total travel of 3.2mm. Compared to other linear switches, the Emerald offers a perfect middle ground that is suitable for any user in...
  • 【A Green Gem from The Mysterious Universe】Like its name, the Emerald shines like a hidden jewel. With a transparent build, the Emerald provides glimpses into the mysteries of the universe, and flickers beautifully under RGB lighting. When you use the...
  • 【Palladium-Plated Contact Points】Palladium is a rare precious metal that is often used in high-end cars and automobiles. It’s more treasured than gold and is even harder than platinum. Regardless of the cost, KiiBOOM insists on adopting...
  • 【Wide Compatibility with MX Structure Keycaps】KiiBoom Emerald switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Gateron Milky Yellow 5 pin Linear 15mm Spring Switches Support 4 pin and 2 pin RGB Classic Shaft for All MX Mechanical Keyboard (Milky Yellow 70pcs)
  • Included in the package: Only milky yellow switch
  • This is the most classic Gateron Milky Yellow switch, it is a 5 pin linear switch, the following are its parameters
  • Upper housing material:PC,Lower housing material:PC,Stem material:PC
  • Switch Type:Linear Switch,Spring Spec:15mm
  • Actuation Force:50gf,Bottom Force:63gf,Operating Life: 50 Million Cycles
SaleBestseller No. 6
Glorious Keyboard Switch Sample Pack - Gateron | Kailh | Panda | Lynx Mechanical Keyboard Switches
  • 6x Gateron Switches (Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Red)
  • 8x Kailh Switches (Box Black, Box Brown, Box Red, Box White, Speed Bronze, Speed Copper, Speed Silver, Pro Purple)
  • 1x Unlubed Panda 1x Lubed Panda 1x Unlubed Lynx 1x Lubed Lynx
  • Glorious O-Rings (40A Thin, 40A Thick) (5 thick, 5 thin)
  • Glorious O-Rings (70A Thin, 70A Thick) (5 thick, 5 thin)
Bestseller No. 7
Gateron Oil King 5 Pin Switch 55g Linear Pre Lubed Mechanical Keyboard New Custom Switch (70 PCS, Oil King)
  • Package Included:Only Oil King switches
  • Gateron Oil King is the newest Machine Auto Lubed Linear switches.
  • Gold touching Point,Prelubed in factory
  • Black-plated 20mm Spring
  • Actuation: 55gf
Bestseller No. 8
Gateron Milky Yellow ?Mechanical Keyboard MX 5 pin Switches Shaft for All MX Mechanical Keyboard Support 4 pin RGB (70 PCS)
  • This link introduces the milky yellow switches of the gateron, you have two options (70, 110)
  • This link only contains the switch, not the keyboard.
  • The milky yellow switches is 5 pin switch and a linear switches.
  • Travel Distance: 2mm Bottom Distance: 4mm
  • Operating Force: 50g Bottom Force: 63g
Bestseller No. 9
EPOMAKER Ajazz 45 Pieces Diced Fruit Kiwi Switch, Tactile Type for Mechanical Keyboard Replacement (Ajazz Kiwi Switch)
  • 【The Custom switches from Ajazz Family】 As one of the popular mechanical keyboard branch, Ajazz has been famous for its multi-functional keyboards, as well as the handy switches that come with them. We are now honored to announce that the custom...
  • 【Pre-Lubed Switches】 The Ajazz Diced Fruit switches comes factory-lubed. This is especially helpful for the linear switches, as it ensures the switches to be more smooth and silent
  • 【Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps】Ajazz Diced Fruit switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switch and...
  • 【Built-in LED Slot & Durable Lifespan】Ajazz Diced Fruit switches are equipped with north-facing LED slot for LED modification. It is also compatible with SMD LED. This provides more fun feature and options for those who are DIYers. With a lifespan of...
  • 【Chose The Type Based On Your Needs】The Ajazz Diced Fruit switches are designed with different configurations for various demand. Ajazz Kiwi Switch comes with 50gf end force, 4.0 mm total travel, better for beginners; so you can fully feel the...
Bestseller No. 10
Feker x Matcha Switches for Mechanical Keyboard DIY - Linear Keyswitch 5 Pins for Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - 60cN Force Pre Lubed (45PCS, Matcha Green Switch)
  • 【Matcha Green Switches 】This 5-pin custom switches are made for DIY enthusiasts to obtain satisfying typing feelings with more affordable options.Approximately 50 million long lifespan for more stable and reliable quality.
  • 【Linear Keyswitch Parameters】Operating force: 43±15gf End force: 60±15gf Pre travel: 2.0±0.4mm Total Travel: 3.5+0/-0.3mm 62g bottom out PCB mount style linear mechanical keyboard switches.
  • 【Pre-Lubed Switches】The matcha green switches for mechanical keyboard DIY comes factory-lubed. This is especially helpful for the linear switches, as it ensures the switches to be more smooth and silent.
  • [Wide Compatibility] The 5-pins switch comes with MX style structure so they would fit most keycap sets with (X) cross stem. Compatible with plate-mounted style PCB and hot-swap mechanical gaming keybaords.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】You will received 45pcs linear keyboard switches. (NO keyboard and other accessories.) Should you have any questions on our switches kit, please feel free to contact us, we will offer you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
Switch TypeDescription
MechanicalSwitches with individual mechanical components for each key, known for their responsiveness and tactile feedback.
LinearSmooth keystrokes without tactile feedback or audible click.
TactileProvide a noticeable bump and feedback when a key is pressed.
ClickyProduce an audible click sound when pressed, offering both tactile and audible feedback.
MembraneUtilize a rubber dome or flexible membrane layer beneath the keys, generally more affordable and quieter.
Rubber DomeMost common type of membrane switches, featuring a rubber dome that collapses to register a keystroke.
ScissorFeature a scissor-like mechanism for improved stability and reduced wobbling.
ButterflyVariation of scissor switches with a slimmer profile and shorter key travel distance, often used in thin and compact keyboards.
HybridCombine characteristics of mechanical and membrane switches, aiming to offer a balance between responsiveness and affordability.

Membrane Switches Membrane switches, in contrast to mechanical switches, utilize a rubber dome or a flexible membrane layer beneath the keys. They are generally more affordable and quieter compared to mechanical switches. However, they may lack the same level of responsiveness and durability.

Rubber Dome Switches Rubber dome switches are the most common type of membrane switches. They consist of a rubber dome that collapses when the key is pressed, creating an electrical contact. Rubber dome switches are relatively quiet but may lack the same level of precision and feedback as mechanical switches.

Scissor Switches Scissor switches feature a scissor-like mechanism that provides stability to the keycap. This stability results in better key stability and reduced wobbling, making scissor switches a popular choice for laptops and low-profile keyboards. While they offer a better typing experience compared to rubber dome switches, they may not provide the same level of tactile feedback as mechanical switches.

Butterfly Switches Butterfly switches, popularized by Apple’s MacBook, are a variation of scissor switches. They offer a slimmer profile and shorter key travel distance, making them suitable for thin and compact keyboards. However, they may not be as widely available for gaming keyboards compared to other switch types.

Hybrid Switches Hybrid switches combine the characteristics of mechanical and membrane switches, aiming to offer the best of both worlds. These switches typically feature a mechanical mechanism for actuation and a membrane layer for additional dampening or noise reduction. Hybrid switches aim to provide a balance between the responsiveness of mechanical switches and the affordability of membrane switches.

Factors to Consider When selecting the best keyboard switch for gaming, several factors should be taken into account:

  1. Actuation Force: The amount of force required to register a keystroke.
  2. Key Travel Distance: The distance a key needs to be pressed for actuation.
  3. Durability: The lifespan and reliability of the switch.
  4. Sound Level: The level of noise produced when typing or gaming.

Considering these factors will help you determine the switch type that aligns with your gaming preferences and requirements.

Popular Gaming Switch Brands Some of the renowned gaming keyboard switch brands include:

  • Cherry MX
  • Razer
  • Logitech
  • SteelSeries
  • Corsair

These brands offer a variety of switch options, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.

Conclusion In conclusion, the best keyboard switches for gaming depend on individual preferences and requirements. Mechanical switches, such as linear, tactile, and clicky switches, are favored for their responsiveness and feedback. Membrane switches, including rubber dome, scissor, and butterfly switches, offer affordability and quieter operation. Hybrid switches aim to provide a balance between mechanical and membrane switches. Considering factors like actuation force, key travel distance, durability, and sound level will guide you towards the switch type that enhances your gaming experience.


  1. Q: Are mechanical switches better for gaming than membrane switches? A: Mechanical switches are generally preferred by gamers due to their responsiveness and durability.
  2. Q: Do clicky switches affect gaming performance? A: Clicky switches can provide an audible feedback that some gamers find satisfying, but their impact on gaming performance is subjective.
  3. Q: Which switch brand is the most popular among professional gamers? A: Cherry MX switches are widely used and trusted by professional gamers.
  4. Q: Can I replace the switches on my existing keyboard? A: Some keyboards allow for switch replacement, but it depends on the keyboard model and its compatibility with different switch types.
  5. Q: Do hybrid switches offer the same level of responsiveness as mechanical switches? A: Hybrid switches aim to strike a balance between mechanical and membrane switches, offering a responsive typing and gaming experience. However, the level of responsiveness may vary depending on the specific hybrid switch design and brand.
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